• My testimonial for Amanda Moore, Professional Organizer & Interior Designer extraordinaire…
    A wicked combination of small children, a start up business (plus an existing business), lack of time, exhaustion, and New York City apartment living paired with a natural inclination toward disorganization found our household drowning in clutter. What motivated me to change this situation, initially, was the thought of my children’s childhood memories centered around this cluttered, semi-chaotic, half-tended home. I became hesitant to entertain and socialize in our home. I felt frustrated and ashamed with the situation, overwhelmed and discouraged by the process I didn’t know where to begin. I wasn’t sure how we even got there, but I knew we needed help.
    Cue Amanda.
    Years of toys, outdated/outgrown clothing, books, aspirational magazines and many, many (many) other items have been donated, sold and discarded. The process has been a pleasure and illuminating. Amanda makes the organizational process manageable and enjoyable. She has an incredible work ethic and is astonishingly efficient during our sessions. She has the ability to remain focused and level, positive and encouraging while gently (and what appears effortlessly, which says a lot about her skill level) navigating and eliminating a mountain of clutter. ( an organizational sherpa/clutter slayer if you will… .) She can completely transform a terrifyingly cluttered room over the course of 3 hours.
    Amanda has helped me revise how I view the items in our home and in the process I’ve unearthed the factors that contributed to the clutter in the first place. Working with Amanda is one of the best decisions I have ever made and some of the best money I’ve ever spent. Working with her is empowering. Of course, best of all, our home feels much more calm and orderly. It is becoming the home I envisioned. We are ever grateful.

    Heidi S, Park Slope, Brooklyn - 01/15/16

  • “Words can’t express our thanks for the beautiful and amazing nursery! Thank you so much for your creativity and hard work.”

    - Brooke Muhler & Charlie Sheen, Los Angeles, CA - 11/17/15

  • “Amanda created beautiful nursery designs for several expecting Hot Moms Club celebrities, overseeing every aspect from custom bedding to closet organization. She met every design style request, stayed in budget, and accommodated clients from Los Angeles to Brooklyn with ease.”

    - Natalie Klein, Los Angeles, CA - 10/17/15

  • “Our nursery looks FABULOUS. The colors and furniture Amanda chose look amazing.”

    - Ana Ortiz, Brooklyn, NY - 10/17/15

  • “I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome of Amanda’s work at Riverhouse. She designed and furnished several model residences with tremendous success. She understood our desired aesthetic, and executed her design efficiently and within budget. I will definitely use her on future projects.”

    - Monique Roeder, Corcoran Sunshine Group, NYC - 10/17/15

  • “A huge thank you for making our apartment beyond gorgeous! You had a vision and made it a reality. We are so grateful for all you have done.”

    - residential client, NYC - 10/17/15

  • “We love our new home. It all turned out so beautifully and the process was effortless. Thank you for all your hard work.”

    - residential client, NYC - 10/17/15

  • “We contacted Amanda to design our home at the beach. No portfolio, write-up, nor recommendation could have prepared us for the moment we first walked in and saw her unbelievable makeover of our once empty home. We had a tall order to keep the old-school beach feel of the carriage house but make it live up to our modern day tastes. The exquisite design of our home is fully attributed to Amanda's ability to mix retro-chic, modern charm, and relaxed feel into one design. As clients, she integrated our suggestions and tastes and worked absolute magic. Timing was also of the essence since we wanted to enjoy the house for the fast approaching summer meeting our deadline was just another effortless accomplishment by Amanda.”

    - residential client, Watermill, NY - 10/17/15

  • “The work Amanda did on our apartment is fantastic. It is exactly what we wanted. It is sophisticated, fun, comfortable, functional and kid friendly. We are thrilled with how everything came out.”

    - residential client, NYC - 10/17/15

  • “We have had the great pleasure of working with Amanda on several projects. Not only was she able to see our vision, but she took the project through completion, smoothing over any bump in the road. She captured our vision and designed an atmosphere of tranquility bringing to fruition much more than we imagined was possible within our budget. We highly recommend Amanda to help your design dreams come true.”

    - residential client, NYC - 10/17/15

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